When I get some unexpected time off I usually spend it sleeping. When Cheryl gets some unexpected time off she usually spends it doing housework. Not only does this explain why she makes more money than I do, it also perfectly illustrates the gulf between our personality types… and why I sometimes go a week without posting.

It’s because I’m asleep again.

The reason I have time to post this not-so-sweet nothing is because Cheryl had a little extra time in the abode this afternoon.

“Cheryl, what’s wrong?”

“Oh, I’ve just been really tired.”

“Didn’t you get home early today?”


“So what did you do when you got home… didn’t you rest up?”

“No, I wanted to mop the floors, get some laundry going, tidy up a bit…”

“Cheryl, you’re not nesting are you?”

“What? No…? OH, NO… NOT THAT!”

“So you were tired. You got home early. The kids weren’t here. You gave up the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your long lost Spanish ancestry with a little siesta time… for housework?”

“Well I really wanted to mop.”

Does anyone really want to mop? Surely I’m not that different from the rest of humanity?

Give the gift of words.