Beware of the label

I went with a loved one to a colonoscopy.

Yes, that’s just as fun as it sounds.

In the lobby there was a sign for “hot liquid” next to a table with a dispenser ubiquitous with America’s Favorite Stimulant. I was more than ready for some stimulating beverage, so I ambled over for a cup.

I have to give them this much: it was both hot AND a liquid. As for any implied guarantees beyond it’s temperature or state of matter… what do they care? They’re not dealing with the most choosy crowd; which is either the post-procedure patient or the pre & post-procedure caregiver. Let’s face it, when you’ve just had your lower GI roto-rootered your first concern isn’t the taste of your coffee. And when you’re laying down to sleep, don’t forget the caregivers of the “recently devolumed” in your prayers. In either case coffee isn’t usually the first thing on people’s minds.

Just goes to show you just how shallow I really am.

Give the gift of words.