Airing it out

There’s a phenomenon frequently associated with “Windows PCs” where apiece of hardware spontaneously takes flight. It’s usually a keyboard or mouse, but in a few documented cases it has happened to monitors and CPUs as well.

Recent studies suggest this “phenomenon” is not spontaneous at all; but rather, a pre-meditated attempt by an owner to bleed off a little pressure from the boiler. Some may call this catharsis… but you know me, I’m hesitant to make a value judgement where computer operating systems are concerned.

I will tell you this though: a piece of computer hardware almost took flight in our house last night. Oh the horror! I haven’t seen my computer do such strange things since… well… ever. Holy deus ex machina Batman! Universal Access was turned on! I turned it off and the problem was solved.

The question is, how did it get turned on? I’m not sure I want to know.

Give the gift of words.