Aleve your pain

I was sitting by the tube, watching David’s rematch with Goliath, when I saw a commercial. I know… it’s shocking – there’s more. A middle-aged jogging/running enthusiast was explaining his pain, and how he treated it with Aleve. Apparently, after about the fifth mile his knees start to hurt.

After engaging my brain for about two seconds, I came up with a little thing my employer likes to call: “The Root Cause.” Dude, it’s all that running. You can eat Aleve tablets like M&Ms, but if you keep treating your cartilage like grist in the mill, you’re going to need more spare parts than an ’83 Oldsmobuick P.O.S.

Granted, I’ve got less street cred than a white guy in penny loafers (given my recent bout with sloth), but if you need to take a pain killer every time you go for a run… maybe it’s time for a new excercise… like bicycling.

It’s just a suggestion.

Give the gift of words.