Going for an outing

U.S. aid official linked to call-girl ring resigns | Reuters

Everyone loves the story of a political hypocrite being outed. Randal Tobias worked for the Department of State under the Bush administration and was apparently an advocate for abstinence programs abroad. Now there’s news he has resigned, in light of his involvement with an infamous Washington escort service.

Ah… but maybe he’s not a hypocrite. After all, he says he just had the ladies come over for a massage. In fact… what better way is there to prop up his credentials as a card carrying member of the blue-balls club than having the ladies come over every now and again for a “massage.”

Who else can stand before representatives of the world’s poor and advocate abstinence with the authority of a man who oils up with D.C. call girls and doesn’t have sex?

Now THAT’S dedication.

Give the gift of words.