Jorge Cantu

There was a time, not so long ago, when I thought Jorge was going to be a part of the glory Rays. Now it looks like he’s destined to play for someone else. I’m forced to face the fact that he wasn’t going to be the guy at second base for the Rays. When BJ Upton beats you out because his defense is BETTER, you know you’ve got a problem.

I understand it came down to a choice between Cantu – an infielder by trade, and Johnny Gomes – yet another outfielder. Neither one of them is tearing up the world in the field, and the Rays need another outfielder like they need more seats at the Trop. However, I was talking with someone last Friday who summed it up perfectly… who’s bat would you rather have in the DH spot? Cantu struggled all year last year, but he was just a year removed from being the Rays RBI machine. Gomes has the ability to change a game with a swing of the bat. Sure, it’s more likely that swing will result in a third strike than an RBI, but he may turn out to be the kind of power hitter most AL teams have in their line-up. Who do you see as an AL DH? A solid line drive hitter, or a guy with more pop than a Coca-Cola bottler? I just don’t see Cantu as a DH, and it’s a shame because I was really pulling for him.

Knowing the Rays, they’ll turn the DH duties over to Greg Norton… a guy that may be less suited to the DH than either Cantu or Gomes.

Lord help us.

The Rays had to pick someone, and I can’t fault them for picking Gomes. Well, not now anyway. I’ll reserve the right to change my mind in August.


  1. Since I don’t follow sports, I have no idea what either of you are talking about, but I have always found it endearing to have the term “pussy” used as a form of disparagement — particularly by those who might (one assumes by other comments Private made) enjoy some, once in a while. Presumably, the former post wasn’t meant to be A ROLE MODEL FOR CHILDREN either. ;-)

  2. The only thing Tampa is doing is being ignorant. They are screwing Jorge out of his arbitration.

    They have been so difficult to deal with. Thus far Andrew “The Napoleon Complex” Friedman has blown off the Mets AND Rangers due to his ignorance in baseball. They are numbers people, these new owners… NOT BASEBALL PEOPLE!

    They will not play him, they will not trade him, they will not release him. DUH. They HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING!

    Friedman refused to meet with Jorge and his agent in Arizona last week. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU?

    Maddon is a pussy and a suck up! He is such a coward, that he can’t even make eye contact. He knows he is doing the wrong things and even ADMITS HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!

    Maddon is a puppet, just like they tried to do to Lou. Lou was too smart. He left. Again, DUH.

    I know these things because of a personal relationship. You can challenge this info or use it and put it in your hat. I don’t care. But I am sick and damn tired of people acting like they know whats going on AND THEY DONT.

    Gomes can start up his prolonged use of Steroids again (which he started in the Mexican Winter league before 05) to get out of being sent down to tripple A again. DO WE LOOK STUPID? Heart attack at 21? Give me a break, and they want to compare Jorge to that? Or better yet compare him to B.J. Upton, a POT smoking HPV, STD carrying moron?! Hmmmm. Lets see… AGAIN! DUH!

    Get some facts straight before leaving harsh comments about an athlete that is one of very few REAL ROLEMODELS FOR CHILDREN LEFT IN THE SPORTS WORLD! He doesn’t drink, do drugs, and signs every autograph until there are none left every day!

    OK… thanks for letting me vent. Maybe your next blog can finally contain some truth… with this post.

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