Rays’ spending

On this, the opening day of baseball season (for the Rays anyway), talk of hope, expectation, and payroll makes the rounds. Once again, many are questioning the spending habits of Rays’ ownership – particularly in light of the revenue sharing money ($35 million?) coming in, and the Rays’ payroll ($25-26 million?).

Here’s the thing (that occured to me only just now): when the good folks running the Rays talk of spending wisely for the future, I believe them. When you consider how much mediocre/old pitching goes for nowadays, how much do you suppose it’s going to cost to keep the services of a promising young south-paw in a couple of years? (Kazmir’s a left-hander, right? Some fan I am.) If the current trends hold, that could be the annual revenue sharing money right there – all by itself.

Give the gift of words.