What does a wall mean to you?

There’s a bit of a controversy going on in Baghdad concerning the building of a wall. The walls are going up between the Iraqi capital’s neighborhoods – what some journalists have apparently come to call “blast walls.”

Answering criticism that the wall is a “sectarian or racist wall,” the Iraqi prime minister was apparently quoted as saying:

“… such measures are not new, and are used in most countries, such as the US, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, China and Germany.”

Yeah, every place I go in the U.S. is riddled with walls. Why even right here the suburban paradise that is west-central Florida, we’ve got walls around every subdivision. And it’s a good thing too, because you never know when one of those bastards in Spanish Oaks is going to want to start taking pot shots at the passers by. Now at least I’ve got a wall to hide behind.

I’m sure it’s exactly the same thing in Iraq.

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Give the gift of words.