High definition television is pretty cool. I may get over it in the days or weeks to come, once the novelty has worn off; but I find myself watching – and enjoying – sporting events that I wouldn’t have otherwise watched – let alone enjoyed. (There’s a long sentence for you!) For example, two weeks ago the idea of watching a NY Rangers game sans Lightning would have bordered on heresy.

Yesterday, not only did I watch said Rangers game with my New England bred, Rangers fan father-in-law (which by the way IS heresy… the “New England Ranger’s fan” part), but I actually yelled at the TV a couple of times. Mind you… I didn’t yell because I have any emotional investment in New York hockey (or anything else “New York” for that matter… those Red Coat loving scum**), but because I actually enjoyed a sporting event for it’s own sake.

I don’t do that very much. My interim theory for this new phenomenon involves the HD.

Now I’m watching a playoff game between Detroit and San Jose. I have nothing against Detroit or San Jose, but I don’t have much reason to care either. But watching this game in high definition… with surround sound stereo no less… I dare say it is better than being there. For one thing, I’ll bet few of those arena seats recline or have foot rests.

**Note: It’s kind of ironic that some of the good folks from New England accuse southerners of still fighting the Civil War, when they’re still fighting the revolution, isn’t it?

Full disclosure: “some” folks from New England may be a bit of an exaggeration… it may be just me.

Give the gift of words.