Holy smoke!

You knew I couldn’t resist, didn’t you?

I went outside this morning and my eyes teared up from the smoke. I spent five minutes or so looking around, and when I came back inside I had to change my clothes. I smelled like a camp fire.

The red dots in the satellite image below represent the fires burning in southern GA and northern FL. The image was taken on May 8th. As you may know, I’m about half of the way down the west coast. You may not know that the smoke is actually a little worse today. (I couldn’t find a satellite image from today though, so this will have to do.)

It looks like a moderately thick fog has descended outside… only we never get fog. We’ve had a lot of smoke around these parts before, but not from fires 150 – 200 miles away. Our house is sealed up pretty tight, and you can still smell it inside. (Even after a change of clothes.)

It’s unreal.

MODIS Website

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