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How do you spell “irritate?”

If my skin were a character on TV, it would have to be Archie Bunker. My skin is so irritable… oh who cares, we’ll just say it’s pretty fracking irritable and move on.

It turns out my skin is particularly irritated by some bandages. “Elementary my dear simpleton,” you may be thinking, “it’s the latex.” Here’s the rub, bub. Several brands of “latex free” raise the welts just as well as the latex laden. So now I find my self tubed and sealed, courtesy of Tegaderm (a clear, moisture resistant barrier to protect you against infection)… and the damn stuff is driving me CRAZY! I’ve got an itch I can’t scratch (lest I pull out the PICC line – which, in laymen’s terms is “a bad idea”), and I think I might sooner filet my forearm than stick another Tegaderm on my epidermis. My only hope is that the oncologist will save me from my adhesive inflicted hell. Surely there’s something else that can shield the insertion point of the PICC line than this infernal piece of 3M crap.

(Normally I wouldn’t have anything bad to say about 3M.)

In the mean time, pardon me while I go insane.

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  1. Oh golly! Can you suck back some Benedryl — the stuff people take for allergic reactions? It supposedly gets rid of itching. Alternatively, a bottle or two of wine might help you sleep through it! Colleen

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