Are DVDs dishwasher safe?

Long ago we realized that our DVD collection would take up less space in one of those CD books. Cheryl and I wouldn’t have so many movies we’d need a book, were it not for the kids. I’ve long ago lost count how many times we’ve watched Toy Story, and I’m getting there with Cars.

Anyway, last night our climbing prodigy scaled Mount Counter-Top to reach the shelf suspended a few feet above it, in order to get at said book of DVDs. We knew this because of the conspicuously placed chair… and because of the array of DVDs spread out on Adam’s little snack table… with which he was sharing his ice cream. (All of this happened while I was fielding a quick phone call in the other room, so naturally I’m an accessory.)

So tell me friends, what would you do with a few dozen DVDs dripping with melted ice cream?

Bless my wife. She’s been working really hard this last month or so and she looked like she was going to burst a view rivets on the boiler… if you know what I mean. I on the other hand, had one of those parental moments when you really, really want to laugh… but you feel like you shouldn’t. We can’t exactly condone this behavior with a laugh… we’ve got to calmly explain that you can’t share your ice cream with certain things, DVDs among them. I had to tell him that he couldn’t climb up on the counters to get stuff (lest he get hurt) – even though I had vivid memories of doing the exact same thing.

No, I didn’t put the DVDs in the dishwasher; but I had a little fun rinsing them off in the kitchen sink. Adam was in bed by then and I could do all the laughing I wanted.

Give the gift of words.