Part-time cynic

If best intentions hold steady, I’ll be returning to work in some capacity in less than a week’s time. A week is an important psychological boundary for me. When I thought to myself, “I’ve still got a week before I need to go back,” I felt comfortable in knowing that no matter how tired I felt at the moment, I still had a significant amount of time to build up strength.

I think it’s analogous to the $999 price point for computers… or maybe not.

In either case, I’m down to less than a week; so I decided to put myself to a test, of sorts. I decided to see how my body reacted to a little stress… so I decided to read some news… politics in particular. I’ve stayed away from serious news since that bad episode in the hospital (when rigors of news put me into a fatigue induced slumber for several hours).

I’m happy to report that so far all systems are still functioning.

I also feel compelled to share my favorite quote from today’s foray. There’s a column in today’s Washington Post (by Dan Froomkin) discussing the stink over White House staffers using private RNC email accounts to conduct official White House business… a possible violation of the Presidential Records Act. He brings up the White House defense that staffers used the private accounts in an abundance of caution “… in order to avoid violating the Hatch Act, which prohibits the use of government e-mail for overtly political purposes.”

Without further ado, here’s my favorite part, in Mr. Froomkin’s words:

A cynic could even argue that Rove and his operatives have so intertwined politics and policy in this White House that it would be understandably difficult for them to determine whether they should be using RNC or White House accounts.


Give the gift of words.