Trouser come lately

Today I reached another milestone on my road to recovery. Since coming home from the hospital, it was the first time I’d worn a belt.

That’s right friends, you now know more than you ever cared to know about my waistband. Well suited to the relaxed atmosphere here at recovery central… it’s been all elastics all the time.

Today, however, I laced up a pair of less casual pants with the leather and buckled down for my first follow-up with the oncologist. Even though I’ve lost somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 pounds in the last few weeks, it was still a surprise when the well worn groove no longer cued up the right hole on my belt.

Oh, there was one more thing I found out today: doc says I’m in full remission. As expected, I start back to work part time on Monday. I don’t know if I was just in some kind of denial, but I wasn’t even worried about it until I woke up this morning. I’d just taken it for granted that I would be in remission. Now it’s a load off… a big relief… I can officially start to get back to my normal life.

Give the gift of words.