Any comment?

After a few days of neglect, I checked out the site this morning and noticed I got my first irate comment. My heart is a flutter with excitement. It’s got it all… colorful language, insinuated questions about my integrity, righteous indignation… hoo wee!

Not only am I not going to delete this comment, I’ve made it easier for you – the reader – to find it and read it for yourself. I’ve set up a new section on the sidebar which links to the most recent comments on the site. To see the comment in question, click on the Jorge Cantu link. As you will see, this comment is in reply to an entry I wrote back at the start of baseball season.

Just be sure not to inundate me with further comments… the WordPress sidebar widget will only show the most recent comments… and I don’t want this moment to pass too quickly.

It’s hard enough for me to fathom someone else reading my stuff, let alone having it provoke a response. Other than family, I didn’t think I had it in me to piss people off. Now I’m going to have to re-evaluate my whole self image.

Give the gift of words.