A case of money well spent

There’s lots of news about government gone bad, but I thought this was an interesting example of a little bit of good it can do… when it’s responsive to the needs of it’s people. (I heard this on our local NPR station this morning.)

The story piqued my interest because I remember when school lunches in Pinellas whole-heartedly embraced the “ketchup as vegetable” philosophy of nutrition (I was one of the victims).

Pinellas earns an ‘A’ in lunch

In case you are one of those folks loath to follow links, I’ll help you out a bit… the story says Pinellas schools not only scored an “A” on a national survey of school lunches, it ranked number one in the nation (for healthy, nutritional lunches).

It’s still not perfect, but it’s leaps and bounds better than the ’80s slop (Warning: may contain food like substance) my wife and I were exposed to.

Give the gift of words.