A good time to buy

The new iMac

For once, thank the maker, buying time has coincided with selling time. Needs, finances, and a new model iMac have come together in technological nirvana.

I can smell that new computer smell. I can feel that crisp, new keyboard under my fingers. I have new found appreciation for overnight shipping.


  1. I’m loath to admit that I haven’t actually bought one yet. We were on the verge of taking the plunge when we got some disturbing news from an arborist we called in for a consult on Thursday. He was recommending $8k worth of trimming, steel pins, and cables for the big Laurel Oak in our front yard.

    We’ve had three come out, and we’ve gotten three VERY different opinions. One wanted to take it down. One said it just needed a trim (to remove a fungal infection that can only be treated by cutting it out). The other… well, I’ve already covered that one.

    I’m hoping that I’ll find two that agree (at some point)… hopefully on a less radical (and costly) solution… before we buy.

    With any luck it will still be in the next month though… as long as we don’t have to remove the tree. Although that may be more reason to buy a new iMac, not less. I’ll need some serious consoling, and a little “me” spending might be just the ticket.

    As far as those Apple Stores go… if computing was a religion, then the Apple Store (International Plaza in Tampa) would be my Mecca.

  2. I wish that I could find the wherewithal to buy one of these beauties! Anyone who uses a PC needs to head to an Apple store, and try one out for 30 minutes or so. Buy one, and it will be the best computing decision you’ll have ever made.

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