My blogging past

What’s more exciting that a new software release? Well… o.k., lots of things are. Still, a good time can be had on a Sunday morning, cradling a cup of coffee, with a software install running on your favorite Mac. Imagine the Sunday news shows on in the background, the kids playing in the family room with the makeshift tent you helped them build out of linens, pillows and seat cushions; and all the while looking forward to seeing what new features are waiting to be unpacked from their cocoon of zeros and ones.

Today (darn near tomorrow already) I saw that Movable Type v4 was released. For about 15 minutes… right up to when I typed that third period a few keystrokes back, I felt a twinge of regret for shutting down the home web server. Yeah, those were the days. I can still hear the old iBook churning away under the desk in the family room (hiding it’s broken hinge in shame). I spent a fair chunk of my discretionary time on server stuff.

I guess I’m not immune to the lure of romanticizing the past. I’m using WordPress now precisely because of all that time I spent trying to get MySQL configured for a previous Movable Type upgrade.

Yep, I’m over it now.

Give the gift of words.