Tech check

For a writer wanna-be, I’m hopelessly tethered to random infusions of rhyme, alliteration, and odd word pairings. But that’s not really what I wanted to say today; I distracted myself with a bout of whimsy following the title conception phase of this entry.

It was another fit of whimsy which prompted my fingers to grace the keyboard of the TAM this morning (I hear you, enough with the TAM already!). I was holding in my hands a piece of technological marvel: a 2 GB SD card, stamped out in mass quantities, and sold for 20 bucks on the open market. That’s just ridiculous… indistinguishable from magic just 18 years ago… when I was tooling around with my mark-one Mac at UF (which came with less RAM than a floppy and no hard drive). Now a 2 GB SD card serves to double the size of the TAM’s hard drive – an uber portable mechanism to transfer files between the home iTunes library and the TAM.

It’s important to note that OS9, and the versions of iTunes that will run on my little piece of Apple history, are not compatible with my mark-four iPod… thus the SD card and USB card reader – which I use anyway for my Palm T/X and my LG cell phone.

Damn I need me an iPhone.

I’m sure there are those of you out there who’ve probably worked on home computers (the predecessor to the mid-90’s “personal computer”) with much less processing punch than my old Mac. Heck, I remember my dad showing me some basic… well, BASIC… on our state of the art TRS-80 (of Tandy / Radio Shack fame). That was way back before even “home computers,” when we just had “microcomputers” (“micro” because they didn’t take up a room).

Sometimes I think I’m just easily impressed.

Give the gift of words.