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If you think they hate us now | Salon.com Excerpts:

Even if George W. Bush is the most awful American president in modern times, as many historians believe, and even though he has brought the United States into unprecedented disrepute around the world, as opinion polls indicate, the bombastic tone of the candidates seeking to succeed him from his own party raises a disturbing possibility. If the next president is a Republican, this truly bad situation could become still worse.

The leading GOP contenders have all endorsed the current escalation of U.S. forces. They all share the president’s determination to keep our troops there indefinitely. They all insistently echo Bush by linking the invasion and occupation of Iraq with the attacks of 9/11.

… in his best moments after 9/11, he (Bush) has defended the rights of Muslim Americans to live here without suffering persecution or prejudice.

Perhaps Bush’s efforts deserve to be dismissed as little more than lip service, but semantics matter. The Republicans most likely to win their party’s presidential nomination constantly use language that is meant to inflame anger against Muslims for political advantage.


  1. It could get worse. It could get a lot worse. And it could happen before the 2008 election because the republicans are in serious political swampland in danger of losing to a democratic congress and whitehouse, along with some very old justices on the Supreme Court who would have a difficult job ahead outlasting the democratic majority.

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