Giuliani Party Seeks $9.11 Per Person

Newsvine – Giuliani Party Seeks $9.11 Per Person

The International Association of Fire Fighters accused Republican Rudy Giuliani of exploiting the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks because a supporter is holding a $9.11-per-person fundraiser for the presidential candidate.

I was listening to the Real Time with Bill Maher podcast this afternoon, and during his monologue he brought up the flap over the Iranian president’s visit, and his stated desire to place a wreath at Ground Zero.

I’m really bad at retelling jokes, but the gist of it was that we weren’t going to let him exploit 9/11 for political reasons, because that was Rudy’s job.

I laughed, but it was one of those laughs where I felt a little guilty. On one hand, Rudy’s campaign makes me a little sick, but on the other, I’d pick him for president over the Iranian guy.

The thing about this story is it chips away at that guilt.

When the backlash started, Rudy’s spokesperson said it wasn’t the campaign’s idea. Apparently it was the brain-child of two rogue volunteers who printed up the invitations. The thing is, it’s too damn easy to imagine Rudy’s campaign was involved. It’s essentially the basis of his entire campaign.

I like to think I’m pretty good at staying away from petty name calling (most of the time), but the more I hear him speak, the more I think he’s nothing but an opportunistic prick… more so than usual for a politician.

Give the gift of words.