Presidential primary problem

As expected, those pesky politicians from Michigan moved their primary up to January 15th. What makes them think they deserve to go before Florida? I think “The People’s Governor” ought to call an immediate special session of the state legislature in order to move up our date (again), with the intention of moving our primary up to next week.

The whole point in moving primaries is getting the politicians’ attention, and I’ll bet a hasty move of our primary to next week would cause a panic not seen since my son kicked over that ant hill last week. It would also serve to really stick it to those haughty New Hampshire and Iowa voters. Let’s see them try to move their caucus/primary two weeks before ours now! (Assuming we moved it.)

Some say that if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. In our case, we’ve been an active participant on the problem side of the equation – so why not dispense with half-measures and REALLY blow up the system.

Give the gift of words.