Writing takes a holiday

I’ve spent some time away from the computer lately. It’s been too painful to look at the screen for extended periods of time (especially after I do it for eight excruciating hours at work). My sinuses have been acting up again, I had to give up caffeine because my heartburn was acting up, and the two put together adds up to a bit of quiet time in the dark.

I haven’t given it up completely though.

A few rounds of antibiotics haven’t done squat for the ‘ole sinuses, but they sure have done a number on my stomach – prompting the caffeine stoppage. I’ve tried all the old remedies. I’ve done the drugs. I’ve done the nasal spray routine. I even tried nasal irrigation again- both the spray and the neti pot method (it didn’t help much, but it was a funky experence). Now the doc has me on steroids.

The good news is my hair doesn’t seem to be falling out as much.

Give the gift of words.