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A great day

Do you know why today was a great day? It wasn’t because we did anything special, like go to an amusement park, or turn in a winning lottery ticket. It wasn’t because we went to another birthday party today (although that was a nice reason to leave the house for a couple hours). It wasn’t even because my head finally stopped hurting this evening (although it did, and it was a nice surprise).

No, today was a nice day for a very simple reason. My kids wanted to sit down with me and talk. It wasn’t because they needed help with homework, or because someone wasn’t playing nice with them. Beth just wanted to sit and discuss the theory of evolution… just because she’d heard the word and suspected there was more to it than a Webster’s definition. It’s so strange being the person who has the answers, having spent so much of my life thinking of myself as the one with the questions. But it’s a good strange.

Adam just wanted to sit and hang out with dad. We sat and oooed and ahhhed over every play on an otherwise meaningless football game on TV.

All told it only amounted to a few hours, but it filled my heart with enough love to more than get me through the week.

What a great day.

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