Neither trick nor treat will keep me from my appointed rounds

My wife is convinced that we are cursed. Every year, at this time, the Kauffman Household (v 2.2.2) passes around a nasty bug. Or so she says, but more on that later. Last night my daughter got jiggy with a little retroperistalsis, and tonight my wife is playing a little catch-up.

I should of had a V8! That, or I should have stayed in a hotel this week; for it is not a question of IF I’ll get sick, but WHEN. My wife doesn’t think that’s very funny. She’s ready to pack my bags now (for my own good she says ;- )

Personally, I’m not so sure we’ve been sick every year on the eve of All Saints Day (by “eve” I mean the week or so before, not the day before). Last year, as an example, I think I only got sick from eating all the candy we deemed inappropriate for a two-year-old, rather than some viral or bacterial infection. (If you’re keeping score at home, that’s Justice – 1, Curses – 0)

And speaking of Adam, last night I think he might have been a little jealous, not being able to get in on the sick action. He threw the biggest tantrum in recent memory. He was a maelstrom of limbs, shrieks, and thrashing; the likes of which could easily power the appliances in our home through the New Year. That’s assuming we could harness that kind of power, which is kind of like trying to catch a lightning bolt. You never know when it’s going to strike, and even if you did, we don’t yet have the capacity to deal with such a huge burst of energy all at once.

Ah well. This exercise is rapidly losing it’s utility. I’m not nearly as amused with myself as I was when I started. Good night all.

* Actually, I quite like my public schools. We kid because we love.
(You may have noticed there’s no reference to public schools in this entry. It was there before, but I must have edited it out before posting this entry.)

Give the gift of words.