Writing what you know

I could write about travel. I could tell amusing anecdotes. I could tell you where this entry is going, if only I knew.

At the moment I know about colds. Adam’s nose looks more like a Superfund site than a piece of harmless human anatomy. Beth thinks it’s really cool that she’s loosing her voice. I’m on the brink of a critical shortage of Motrin.

I’m wondering how much better my photography would be with a fancy new DSLR. The painstakingly programed consumer in me is convinced that the road to bliss begins with a new Nikon D40. It’s hard to remember that a month ago that road was supposed to begin with a new iMac, but somehow I got lost.

(Not that the new iMac isn’t a wonderful piece of hardware – it’s been great; but the answer to all mankind’s ills it ain’t.)

My idle mind has been working overtime to scheme up ways to scrape up a little dough for this latest obsession. Maybe a small withdrawal from our home equity line of credit is in order? Maybe if I put a Google ad on my blog, and convinced all of my readers to log into 100 different computers with different IP addresses and click on each add from each one, every day? Maybe there’s still someplace that buys plasma? (It was really big when I was in college.) Maybe someone would pay big money for an old computer collection? Bondi Blue iMac anyone? I’ll throw in a mint MacPlus for free on winning bids over $300. Maybe I could stand on the highway with a cardboard sign that read, “will sing for camera money.” (Would I get a few bucks for gall points?)


  1. yeah i took it home a few weekends back and took pics of the boy and then tried to email just one to my parents and it wase so huge, i nearly crashed their system. Gotta remember to save in lower res for the old people!!!!

  2. Anytime you have a job lets you play with a $1500 piece of equipment (like a virtual ownership arrangement)… that’s pretty sweet… all else being equal. Plus lenses – heck, even just one lens, you could be talking $2k easy.

    I’m not sure they make a hard drive big enough for all the pictures I’d be taking (ooo… 10 megapixels in raw mode!).

    Right now I’ve got a terrible imbalance in my house. I’ve got more tripods that working cameras. Something must be done to bring balance to my house (my wife says I should just get rid of a tripod… bad wife, bad).

  3. OK I am about to make you jealous…
    Our cameras at work at Nikon D200s…with all the bells and whistles and huge lenses…
    OK i don’t OWN it but i can take it home to “pratice” any time I want

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