A new MacBook

My wife was good and mad this morning when she saw this in our email inbox:


I don’t know about you, but I’m not allowed to make this kind of purchase on my own. Lucky for me, the internet age has allowed us to pull up our credit card statements online – so I could prove my innocence really quick. But that got us both to worrying… had someone stolen my identity? We pulled a free copy of my credit report to see if someone had applied for credit under my name. Lucky for our mental health, the internet age also allows us to pull up my credit report instantly. Fortunately, it looks like this was just a simple mistake.

So now that Cheryl isn’t mad at me anymore, and neither of us are worried that someone is ruining my credit, I wonder if this a good time to discuss another computer purchase? Guilt is a terrible thing to waste.


  1. That is pretty sweet. But, if I were being honest with myself (which isn’t very fun, by the way), I’ve still got a lot of miles left in my PowerBook – which is still my favorite computer in the house, even with the new iMac in our living room.

    Besides, we’re pinching our pennies saving up for a D-SLR. What I really need is for Circuit City to send me a receipt for the Pentax or Nikon I’ve had my eye on. Then I’d really be in business.

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