Binge eating versus… eating a little bit at a time, over a period of time

I was racking my brain over an antonym for binge, and you can see that I gave up. If you let them, sometimes the littlest things will drive you mad. I had a sudden burst of stubbornness, and refused to break out the thesaurus.

Anyhoo, with Halloween come and gone, I was wondering what the healthiest way to eat a lot of candy is. It goes without saying that the healthiest thing would be to give the candy away, but that’s not going to happen. So I wondered… is it better to eat until I puke, or ration my simple sugars over an extended period of time? I’m thinking the binge is the way to go. I envision my digestive system like land, and eating like rain. (For that sentence to work as intended, you have to read it to yourself while imagining soothing, classical music in the background. If you can play actual classical music in the background, so much the better.) If you get a certain amount of rain, drawn out over a week, the land has a chance to absorb more of the water, taking it deep within itself. But if you dump all that rain in an hour (like we get our rain in Florida), all of it puddles on the surface and runs down stream.

Me thinks it’s time for a little trial and error (with emphasis on the error). Score me some Maalox and I’ll be all set.

Give the gift of words.