Let there be wood for me to knock

NURSE!?! I can’t use this laminated composite crap! Get me some real wood… oak, ash, hickory. Hell, I’ll even take pine or maple. Just get it here STAT!

As it happens, my wife has suffered through the preliminary, primary, and waning stages of illness, and I’m still cold free. My daughter has seen all manner of matter treat her mouth like a two-way street, but I haven’t had so much as a cramp. It’s times like these that I recall these last two years, when anyone within a two mile radius so much as sneezes and I miss the next week of work, spending horizontal quality time with a pillow, and enough Sudafed to revive a comatose water buffalo. Now I’m cooped up with TWO, count ’em, TWO sick people, and I’m the picture of good health.

(I’m jotting this down on my Palm, out of Wi-Fi range, so I can’t properly verify the weight class of your garden variety water buffalo. For the purposes of this entry, let’s stipulate that it’s a large animal and move on… shall we?)

Maybe it’s the bicycling. Maybe it was the flu shot. Maybe my luck’s changing. Maybe I’m pushing my luck. Maybe I’m throwing down the gauntlet to fate, defiantly calling it out.

Maybe you’ve had enough of this entry already.

But no, I’m not done!

HAH! Made you look!


  1. Now, now, now… I’m not looking to hurt myself, otherwise I would have asked for something with a handle (the better to swat myself).

    I’m intrigued by the Bubinga though…

  2. I have some choice pieces of Bubinga, Birdseye Maple, Poplar, and real nice 1/2″ plywood left over from some recent projects to help you out. A few are perfect size for a little head-bangin’.

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