Purple Belt

Beth is a champ.

She missed her opportunity to test with the rest of her group last week in Tae Kwon Do, so we sprung for the private test. In my mind, the “private” test is a bit misleading. When you test with the group, you do the form as a group. When you take a “private” test, you do it by yourself; but you’re still doing it in front of the entire class (just not in front of all the parents).

Beth, the budding perfectionist that she is, insists the private test is easier, because “you don’t have a bunch of slow people falling behind to mess you up.”

Me, I’d be terrified doing it alone. I’m a herd animal all the way.

I have no idea how I’ve raised such a confident girl.

purple belt


  1. Beth recently discovered the Blog, and was thrilled to see a post about her new belt netted a couple responses. She was kind of looking forward to posting a reply of her own, but she’s been swamped with homework this week.

    I just wanted you all to know you made my girl’s day.

  2. Stating from personal experience, it’s usually a whole lot harder to grade individually as then the examiner’s eyes are on you, and you alone. He (or she) will see everything — and I mean everything — and that was always nerve-wracking for me.

    She looks great in purple!

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