Return of the streetcar

Newsvine – N.O. Streetcars Welcomed Back With Party

I think almost everyone in North America knows what “Katrina” was. A few of you know my sister and brother-in-law were living in New Orleans at the time (and that Mike rode out the storm at the somewhat infamous Charity Hospital in downtown – who can forget that? Certainly not Mike…).

I don’t share the deep emotional connection to New Orleans that many people have, but I have a soft spot in my heart for the city, having visited a few times. It was always a thrill to see the excitement a ride on the streetcar brought out in my daughter. We made countless trips on the St Charles Avenue streetcar to Audubon Park (from my sister’s apartment on St Charles – which I think was considered “uptown”).

bethhugstree.jpg (Beth hugging a tree at an Earth Day celebration at the Audubon Park Zoo in New Orleans, 2003)

It’s nice to see they’re up and running again. A ride on the streetcar through the garden district, under the old trees hanging over St Charles, followed by a stroll through the park and surrounding neighborhoods, was my favorite part of every trip to New Orleans.

(Well, besides getting to visit my sister and her husband of course.)

Give the gift of words.