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A pinch of fog

Pelican, fog, and sun

We almost never get fog here on the west coast of Florida, but this week has been full of exceptions. An evening fog is almost unheard of, even out on the barrier islands.

I took Adam out for a sunset walk on the beach this evening, and even though we didn’t see much sunset, it was still really cool… mostly because of the rare conditions. It reminded me of those early morning bike rides to work, when the moisture in the air condenses on the hair of your arms, and you don’t feel wet until you move suddenly… shaking the little drops free.

water's edgeAdam had an absolute blast. He fell asleep on the ride over, but was instantly awake when he saw the conditions. He was running up and down the beach as if it was morning and he’d had the whole night to recharge his batteries.

So we spent the last hour of sunlight walking along the gentle slope of the water’s edge, with small waves breaking at our feet, and tossing water worn limestones back into the gulf.

It was a great way to end the day. It seems like I’m saying that a lot lately.

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