Getting his timing down

The other night Cheryl and I were having a discussion about the feasibility of vertical diaper changing. We were having this discussion in front of Adam; diaper change in progress. We don’t normally argue in front of the kids, but in our defense it wasn’t really an argument… more a vigorous exchange of thoughts and ideas.

At one point I said to Cheryl, “listen, I’ve been the one who’s been changing him in the morning…”

… and I was interrupted by Adam.

“Listen to me,” he said. I flashed him a look that said he was doing a jig on some pretty thin ice.

“… I like to eat sausage in the morning,” he finished with a big grin.

Cheryl and I shared a look, and cracked up laughing. Maybe you had to be there, but that was just about the funniest thing I’d heard all week. Maybe the episode didn’t teach Adam the right thing, but it was just what we needed.

Give the gift of words.