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Part two

You may recall that my weekend got off to a, shall we say, less tham optimal start. Do not despair friends, it did get better – well, sort of. No one died or went to the ER, so that’s something right?

Adam and Cheryl came home a little after midnight on Friday/Saturday, but I learned the results of their little adventure shortly after I posted my entry earlier that evening. No, Adam did not have any bleeding in his skull. No, Adam did not have a concussion. No, there was nothing serious (that they could find) that caused his vomiting in the car on the way over. However, there was something, and it brought on my favorite doctor line: “it’s probably nothing.”

The CT scan showed several “larger than normal” cysts in Adam’s brain. Personally, I found this wording odd. I didn’t think it was normal for people to have cysts in their brain, so the “larger than normal” bit was both (somewhat) alarming and confusing. A little bit of googling produced some of the most disturbing youtube videos I’ve ever seen. (I double dog dare you to search for “cyst” on youtube.) The residual nausea kept me up until 2 a.m.

The next morning my sister gave me a call, and the ER trip came up. (Oh, by the way: Adam landed on his head while doing bedroom gymnastics, and we drove him down to All Children’s for a CT. So what are your plans for this weekend?) Being a pediatrician married to a neurosurgeon, she was in a good position to call in a consult of her own. She called back thirty minutes later after speaking with her husband and the chief resident of neurosurgery (two different people) to give us a little more reassurance. Like the ER doc said – it’s probably nothing; but it’s a good idea to follow-up with a neurosurgeon just in case. “And oh, and by the way… could you send us a copy of the films? We want to take a look too.”

How cool it is to have a second and third opinion just a phone call away?

So now Adam’s got an appointment to see a neurosurgeon tomorrow morning.

I got into an epic struggle with Ritz Camera on Saturday over an order I placed two weeks ago for a new digital SLR (complete with cancelled orders and higher prices paid to competitors out of spite), but it seems kind of shallow to write about it in any further detail now.

Stay tuned friends, the adventure continues…

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