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A failed attempt at Jobsian reality distortion

With all the attention focused on the start of primary season, George has had a chance to lay low for a while. It was kind of nice to forget about him for a while. Well, maybe repress is a better word.

Then I read one sentence in an article about his Middle East trip, and years of political angst dropped right back in my lap.

Reality bites Bush’s Mideast peace plan – McClatchy :

Bush wrapped up his eight-day Middle East mission on Wednesday with a stop in Egypt, where he told President Hosni Mubarak that he’d invest serious political capital in trying to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict this year.

I’m sorry, have I been in a coma the last few years? I thought the ledger on George’s political capital bore a striking resemblance to the Federal budget (the one where spending exceeds revenue). Tell me the foreign policy disasters of the aughts never happened. Tell me people don’t snicker whenever Bush starts to say the word “political” (thinking he might go ahead and say the “c” word too).

By the way, it’s awfully nice of George to stop by in year eight. (Well, within a week of year eight anyway). Does anyone else think this was anything but a fishing trip, hoping to land a legacy? You know, a good one.

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  1. You know I think the man is dumber than mushrooms, but even I didn’t think he was so dumb he’d try to resolve the two-thousand year old Isaeli-Palestinian conflict during his last year in office.

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