Another great weekend

Beth and Adam at Ft Desoto

In some ways I wish I had something bad to tell you, so I wouldn’t have to worry about balance taking a whack at me later this week. As it stands, I’m a little afraid about court tomorrow. Something really bad is bound to happen.

Saturday we went down to Ft Desoto. I can’t believe Adam’s three and we’ve never taken him. The kids liked the fort (what there is of it – really just a couple of old 12 inch gun batteries are left), but the beach was the real attraction – again.

Workin hard

Sunday we went back over to Honeymoon for a picnic. All we packed was a couple sandwiches, yogurt, crackers and some water… but you pack that stuff up and eat it on the beach, and suddenly it’s the best darn lunch in recent memory.

We also got a good Beth story out of the weekend. Well, I think it’s good. Well, maybe not good in the classic sense; but typical Beth (which often accompanies a spike in blood pressure).

Cheryl, Beth, the Friday night shopping horde, and a Target employee were waiting at the front of the store on Friday night. All of the registers were tied up with long lines and the Target employee was calling in reinforcements – in vain. After a few minutes Beth took matters into her own hands.

“Excuse me sir, we’ve been waiting for a while. Could you check us out?” She asked.

“No, I’m sorry. I can’t”

“Why not?”

“I’m not supposed open a register because I’m supposed to supervise the front of the store to make sure everything runs smoothly.”

“That sounds like a dumb reason, especially since no one seems to be listening to you.”

This is the point in this story when Cheryl wishes she’d left Beth home. Well, sort of… the thing is, shame can be a powerful motivator. The guy opened up a register and checked them out after all.

I’m not entirely sure I wanted Beth to learn this lesson – the one about the squeaky wheel. One thing’s for sure, Beth is not shy.

Give the gift of words.