My wife was looking through the pictures I took today and put a few things together.

“I thought you said you didn’t know how Adam got his shoes wet?”

No, I said I couldn’t stop him from getting his shoes wet.”

“So how many times had he jumped in the water before you got your timing down?”

Well, I… ah… I didn’t think his shoes could get any wetter.”

I really wanted to add, “… besides, I was having so much fun taking pictures,” but there comes a point in some conversations when I find it’s best to just stop talking.

How much water do you need to make a splash?


  1. Oh, those shoes were SO ruined. If fun can be measured by the state of your clothes afterwards then we had a blast (we did, in fact). They were old and on their last legs anyway ;-)

    I knew they’d be wet and full of sand, but the fish smell was a bit of a surprise (after we were all in the car and sharing air).

  2. So beautiful. Well worth ruined shoes. Of course, I can say that because I don’t have to buy him new ones. :-)

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