Giving it up for Michigan

If you’re a Florida fan, you can’t say that Michigan didn’t deserve to win the game today. Other than turnovers, UM outplayed the Gators in every way. In fact, if it weren’t for the turnovers the game wouldn’t have been close.

The Gators young defensive line was handled by UM for most of the game, the Gators older offensive line was handled by UM for the whole game, and the UM quarterback was playing catch in the backyard with his receivers all day.

It’s a dispiriting loss for UF, but in a small way I do feel a little good for the UM coach. He won a lot of games there, had a tough time recently, and went out a winner. That was a heck of a game you called coach.


  1. Hey Tammy, it’s good to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by.

    Hey, so what if UK beat FSU (barely). Been there, done that… right?

  2. I hate to admit it but they did deserve to win. Hurts even more that Kentucky won today (my employer) because I’ll probably hear about UF’s performance when the students return next week.

    Hopefully this young team will learn from our losses and return as the team to beat in August. Let the countdown begin!

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