Is it ever enough?

Now that Iowa and New Hampshire have had their say, it seems to me they’ve cancelled each other out. The Democratic front runners are still the co-front runners, Romney got his “silvers,” and the Iowa Republicans made their typical wing-nut choice, who’ll hopefully go away now, with his hard earned footnote to history in hand. (Although it didn’t work out so well last time.)

I wish I’d remembered to post this earlier because I can’t remember the source now. Something on NPR this morning sparked my memory. A little while back there was a story** about an interesting poll of voters in Iowa and New Hampshire, asking them about their own unique status during primary season. Those wacky Iowans had a unique take on their status as first in line. When asked about how much influence they had over the Presidential selection process, on average Iowans answered, “not enough,” as in, “we don’t have ENOUGH influence over Presidential politics.”

Wow! Maybe they’d like to weigh in on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict too, because we’re obviously not taking full advantage of their wisdom. When I think about it, just asking them choose our President seems kind of selfish. Maybe other countries should ask them to choose their leaders too. “Outsourcing democracy” has a nice ring to it, right? Hell, we’re practically doing that in some places anyway. Why not just make it official, leaving the fate of the world in the hands of our most gifted voters – our precious Iowans – our gift to the world?

**Note: for all I know this could have been a joke I heard. I can’t find a reference to the story anywhere via google, but I still kind of like the post.

Give the gift of words.