Thank God we don’t have carpet anymore

If you’ve got kids, chances are you know all about different kinds of flooring and their carrying capacity for fluids. My fellow parents know all about carpeting, and it’s uncanny ability to absorb.

As some of you know, Beth had her share of health problems as a baby, and it led to a fair amount of clean up. It was one of the big reasons we pulled out our carpet. Hey, don’t laugh. I’m serious. A few years ago we would have needed a couple days off to get the smell out of our floor, but not now my friend! All I needed was a few minutes with a mop and I was free to tackle the next challenge: the bathroom.

I’m thinking the kids’ bathroom needs some tweaking next… something that lends itself to being hosed down.

(Post was written 12/1/2007. I didn’t think it was worth posting then, but I saved it anyway, for a day when my standards grew a little more forgiving.)


  1. I can’t top that. At least signs of illness can be washed out. The worst we’ve got is a few ground in, crusty Play-Doh spots.

    (We haven’t pulled out all of our carpet yet, we’ve still got some in a back room.)

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