Error in judgement (updated below)

The new headache script is a caffeine/acetaminophen/barbiturate cocktail. While it’s not perfect, it seems to round off the sharp edges. However, knowing it’s got caffeine in it, and having taken one this morning (when I woke up with the warning signs of a long day), I’m beginning to wonder if it was wise to drink coffee too.

Can you say: “Up-up and away?”

I don’t have an internet connection handy right now*, but I seem to recall barbiturates being “downers,” which you might think would counteract the caffeine, in terms of mental velocity. (Never heard of “mental velocity?” That’s because I just made it up… but I encourage you to work it into your daily vocabulary as much as possible.) Of course, there may be more upper than downer (in terms of effect, rather than mass), so there may still be a net stimulating effect. Mind you, I haven’t noticed until this morning, but my powers of observation are admittedly suspect.

… until this morning anyway. Now I’ve got reason to suspect a-plenty!

* This post was put together earlier today on my handy-dandy, will be replaced as soon as my Verizon contract is up – Palm TX

UPDATE (2/16 @ 8 a.m.): A simple google search would have shown someone had uttered the phrase “mental velocity” before, before I opened my big mouth… indulging my delusions of grandeur. I think maybe I’ll go back to sleep.


  1. Mental Velocity

    I love it. I take pride in new terms & phrases that can sum up situations better than the standard ones. For me, one if my faves is “Schedule Compression”. If you have ever put together an optimistic plan for a day, and then get behind right off the bat, and the remaining items must be accomplished, that is where Schedule Compression comes into play. It’s a term better suited for work due to the fact that it is usually easy to just remove some of the tasks in your personal life. But, when a boss needs the entire list done, it does a good job summing up the reason the end of a day can be so stressful. More to do than time to do it.

    Keep em coming…

    Didn’t mean to turn your Blog into a Snippet session.

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