More proof that I am full of crap

In a post this weekend, I linked to a McClatchy article which indicated Obama’s lead over Clinton was 1858 – 1270 – per the AP.

Today, I read an AP article stating the delegate count was 1631 – 1501.

That’s a pretty big difference, especially considering both figures are supposed to come from the same source: the AP. After reading a little more closely, it seems the first number was the Texas state convention delegate count – NOT the overall delegate count for the (nationwide) Democratic nomination.

While a lot of folks are saying Clinton doesn’t have much of a chance, the nationwide race is a lot closer than my post made it seem. (Like any of you really care, or are surprised that I made a mistake.)

I don’t even have a good excuse. I was finally starting to a little feel better this weekend. I had a lot of time to relax… or do a simple google search. I could just delete the post, you know… try to pretend it didn’t exist. I suppose even I have a few standards… even if checking out facts that seem to good to be true isn’t one of them.

Give the gift of words.