The good stuff

And no, I’m not talking about the headache meds.

Sometimes it’s a lot of fun being a dad. I say that like I’m revealing some tightly guarded secret. Hey, cut me some slack. I’m still feeling guilty about ignoring Adam’s unusual warmth the last couple mornings. Yeah, I haven’t mentioned that yet, have I?

Our morning routine involves me sitting down on his bed, pulling back the covers and Adam sticking out his arms (the silent but still effective command to be picked up). I carry him (half awake) to the table for his morning milk (that I’ve got waiting for him). Well, the last couple mornings I thought he felt a little warmer than usual, but I dismissed it due to an absence of any other symptoms. Well this morning Cheryl noticed and took his temperature, and low and behold – he had a fever. It turns out my parental instincts are shit.

But back to the fun stuff. Yesterday (back when I was still in denial), we had a little indoor safari. Adam noticed a squirrel hiding under our table out back, and we decided to see how close we could sneak up before the little guy took off. We got low and went slow. I’m not sure being low helped any, but somehow it seems like being close to the ground is an essential ingredient of stealth. Surely it’s some remnant species memory from the savannah (no offense to those of you who think the creation story in the Bible is a historical account, though I’m tempted). I’d grabbed my camera from the shelf and we crouched behind the wall in the hall. There we discussed strategy. I started out with my silent impression of a Hollywood soldier, but the performance was completely wasted on my three year old, who looked at me liked I’d developed a bizarre tic. We cautiously made our way behind the table and across the kitchen to our small pantry, which sits next to our sliding glass door.

“Alright kid. We’re only going to get one chance at this so I’ve gotta make sure I make this shot count.”

“Take the shot dad! Take the shot!”

I managed to take a couple pictures before Adam was completely overcome with excitement. He leaped to his feet and the squirrel took off. “Let me see the picture. Please let me see!”

Squirrel hunting

It’s not the greatest picture, nor is it the most interesting subject; but there’s a lot of fun… and love… that goes with it.

Give the gift of words.