My doctor list

A lot of people complain about their pay. How many of you don’t know someone who thinks they should earn more for what they do? I don’t think of myself as one of those people, but even I was a bit miffed about the f…-you-very-much we got from the legislature last year. (That was one of the most gratifying pieces I’ve written for this blog, by the way.) I’d be a fool to sit here and tell you I wouldn’t appreciate little more coin thrown my way (not to mention a liar).

But you know what? You won’t hear one peep out of me this year. With all the people I see – all the little fragments of people’s lives that cross my desk, pass through a slot in “bullet resistant” glass, or fill the air in family court – I know I have something precious. I’m asked to do “more with less” on my job every year, just like everyone else, wether they work in the public or private sector. But one thing made this last year a whole lot easier than it could have been: good insurance. I think I’m doubly thankful for my good fortune. I think about it every time insurance pays for me to see one of my doctors, have a test, or re-stock my home pharmacy; and also when I see the worry other people carry knowing nothing is there to back them up.

You might say it’s not fortune that put me where I am, or where they are, but I that’s a discussion that could fill days of lively chat. I’ll just say that I’ve chosen my words carefully, I’m sticking with them, and leave it at that for now.

Tomorrow I might write about the state representative that pissed me off yesterday, but we’ll have to see how it goes first. I might be in too good a mood to ruin it with a rant on Florida politics.

Give the gift of words.