Even more politics

Yeah, I know I’ve been a little obsessed. In my defense, it’s pretty freaking important. Anyway, here’s a quick summary of a political discussion I witnessed today:

“I don’t share many of Palin’s political views, but she’s only McCain’s VP pick. I’ll take my chances with her and McCain over eight years with Obama’s pastor.”

My reply went something like this:
HUH?!? ONLY McCain’s VP?!? What, you figure McCain picked her because he doesn’t share her views – just to spice things up a little? So if you had to chose between someone who could end up President one day (dare I say likely), who you don’t agree with on the issues, and someone who may share your political views, but has a FORMER pastor you find distasteful – you’re going with the one who doesn’t share your views?

… or it would have, if I’d regained voluntary control over my larynx in time.

It’s really a shame you’re not here. You’d be witnessing my head exploding. It’s really quite a sight, or so I’m told. I’m tempted to take something I said a while ago back. Maybe some of you shouldn’t be voting.

I’m not used to feeling like the sane person in the room. It doesn’t feel as good as I thought it would.

Give the gift of words.