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Verizon: better than you think we are

It’s been a while since we dropped the land-line. We’re relying on our cell phones full time. It’s worked out well so far, or until recently when we stopped getting a signal on our block. It’s been pretty infuriating, considering the damn phones work everywhere else. I get a better signal in elevators and stairwells than in my backyard, so I figure it’s not my phone. I’ve done everything Verizon tech support has suggested, short of taking them up on a free new phone… with a new two year contract of course.

Saying you’ve got a beef with your wireless carrier is like complaining about the refs in sports. None of them are perfect and it’s not like you’ve got any real choice, so what’s the point? Well, at least my in-laws get a signal at our house with AT&T. Yeah, I know. Talk about jumping from the frying pan into the fire. What can I say? At least I’ll get an iPhone out of the switch.

To tide us over at home until January (when our contract is finally up) we’re giving Skype a try. Three bucks for nationwide calling ain’t bad. It’ll be a bit of a pain calling folks back when incoming calls drop out on the cell phone, but we’re hoping we can put up with it for a few months. Skype is a bit more expensive to receive incoming calls, and we’re not keen on keeping the Mac powered up just to receive calls (or buying a Skype phone just for three months).

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  1. Honestly, I don’t think I can get rid of my land line. I just like to know that in an emergency, the phone lines are always there. And I have tested them too! Last time we had that major power outage, we lost everything. Power, internet, wireless everything – except for the land line. That solidified my trust in it!

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