Giving up or escaping to greener pastures

We pulled Beth out of her school yesterday. We’re not opting for a private school though… well not exactly. There’s a charter school down the road that a bunch of folks at church recommended. Today’s her first day… wearing a uniform. I’m working really hard to repress all of the bad associations with school uniforms running around in my mind.

It may turn out for the best, but right now I feel like a quitter and a loser. We’ve agonized over this decision for weeks. We went over for an open house. Beth spent a day shadowing to get the lay of the land. We spent a lot of time talking to Beth about what she wanted. We agonized over leaving her gifted programs behind (which she loved). In the end we came to a decision together, but I still feel awful.

Her first day at the new school comes one day after her first report card (of the middle school era). She was a little disappointed… only making the honor roll.

Expectations can be rough, eh?

Give the gift of words.