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A quick thanks before the whining begins

On Cheryl’s behalf, I want to say thanks for your comments and your thoughts. Cheryl got a little lift from every comment, message, and stop over (at the house).

Now that I’ve got the warm-fuzzies out of the way I’m going to start whining.

Cheryl’s been feeling a little worse, but it wasn’t unexpected. She’s been home all this week – except for when she’s been at the hospital for tests. We find out what the tests reveal Monday.

After the cop at the scene told us the driver of the other car only had insurance for three days, we did a little peeking through public records. It turns out the guy’s got a driving record longer than the early voting lines at the court house. So… Cheryl called an attorney this week. He was full of all kinds of colorful anecdotes. It turns out a guy peeking through your windows from your yard is a peeping tom, but give him a $1500 zoom lens, put him across the street, and it becomes due process. Plus, we’ve collected another batch of reasons to hate insurance companies. Hate is a pretty strong word… but it might not be strong enough in this case.

More salt for the wound arrived yesterday. The body shop where our ailing Honda has lived since the accident sent us a certified letter, warning us they were going to put a lien on our car if we didn’t pay up for storage. When Cheryl gave them a call they told her they’d expected our insurance company to take care of it, but they’d been MIA. Then they told her our car “wasn’t repairable.”

So, there you have it. Cheryl’s feeling a little worse, our insurance company is worthless, our newly paid for car (with bran-new tires) is totaled, we’re lawyered-up, and paranoid about people taking pictures through open windows.

Sorry. If it makes you feel any better, I feel a little better now.

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  1. Dear Family

    My heart goes out to you all. I felt the car would be totaled if the frame was bent, but I’d get a second opinion on that!

    Chin up Blessed Cheryl …. it’ll work out.
    It could have been much worse; God moved to keep our friend and mother here!
    Many people would have been devastated to lose you.

    No rushes to get back to work …. Take it easy!!!

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