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What is your interest?

I’m about to share an observation, but I’d like to admit up-front it probably means very little. It’s a few non-random samples I’ve picked up that I admit happen to fit my world view. Sue me.

I was driving home from court this week and I thought of my mother. She always liked driving along Alternate 19 where it runs along the shore, between Sunset Point in Clearwater and the Dunedin Marina. I don’t usually take that route home but I was feeling nostalgic. None of this has anything to do with the meat of the post, but that’s why you love me, right?

I was struck by the number of yards I saw with Obama signs. These are waterfront homes – big ones with big yards and spectacular sunset views of the water (only slightly obstructed by the passing cars). I’ve never been in the market for one of them so I can’t say for sure, but I think they’re worth a bundle… owned by those who make a bundle. Contrast that with my modest, middle class neighborhood. My house isn’t worth anything close to a bundle, and I have an income to match.

My little yard plays host to an awfully lonely Obama sign, almost lost in a sea of McCain/Palin followers.

You’ve probably seen what grandpa’s been saying about brother Barack… how he’s a pinko in a turban. Hell, his policy proposals are practically European (the undisputed black mark of US politics). So what is it with those fools on Bayshore? Don’t they know the “redistributionist-in-cheif”** wants to take away their homes and turn them into housing projects for the poor?

I was really tempted to throw in a paragraph about my peeps in the proletariat, but I think I’ll quit now while you’re still reading.

**Be honest. Is that the worst political ‘gotcha’ line ever written? The first word has more syllables than a lot of good lines.

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