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Your mouth doesn’t get mulligans

In between hearings the Judge said he worried about the future of our country (referring to the election), adding, “I don’t know how long the top thirty percent can continue to support the other seventy.”

I replied (with a mischievous smile), “well speaking for the seventy percent: we thank you.”

That didn’t earn me any points. And because I seem to like really deep holes, I kept talking.

“What scares me is the health care system. Say I decide to change jobs and my new job has benefits just as good as this one, but the health plan has a one year exclusion on pre-existing conditions (like my current job – which has pretty good benefits). What happens if my leukemia comes back during that year? I’d be ruined.”

“I don’t mean to sound like I don’t care John, but you’re not entitled to health care.”

“Why not? And either way, what difference does it make? Does the constitution guarantee public education or public roads?”

“You’re not entitled to roads to drive on either….”

“Yeah, but as a society we’ve decided those things we want to pay for….”

I was all set to launch into a whole spiel on tax policy, but I got a message the next group was ready for their hearing and the day moved on. It’s a good thing the Judge is someone I consider a friend. I’m a shy guy who usually doesn’t have much to say in social settings, so why do I feel compelled to speak up every time politics comes up – no matter how much trouble it could get me in?

The short answer is: I’m not as smart as my kids think I am.

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Give the gift of words.